Why Savor, Sip and Shop?

My first tour, Savor and Stroll (now Classic Savor and Stroll) was inspired by tours I’ve taken and the rich history and food culture in Morristown, NJ. Wanting to expand, I started thinking of the ShopLocal movement and the boutiques and specialty shops available in town. I’m looking forward to offering people a way to disconnect from screen time and reconnect with friends and family or make new friends while having a day out in a vibrant community. New Jersey is filled with opportunities that get us out of our homes and moving around. Active lifestyles, including participating in walking tours (even with food involved!), help us stay in touch with real people and contribute to wellness. Posting these activities on social media is encouraged and fun, but doing them is really living.

This new Savor, Sip and Shop tour includes shopping at a store that supports local artists, two shops where you can find unique clothes and gifts. Wine tasting is included and a great way to try new wines. Tastings included add up to a hearty lunch or light dinner and keep you going for the tour.

Join me and get connected to the shop owners and managers, servers, sommeliers and chocolatier along the route!