Stop Food Waste and Help Save the Planet

Food Waste is a major contributor to green house gases and sadly 30-40% of our food is wasted at all different points in the food system. 

On the farm - Gleaning programs are getting more popular.  What are they?  They are usually run by non-profits in coordination with local farmers.  Volunteers go into the fields when the farmers cannot harvest all of their crops.  These perfectly healthy and delicious food items are then provided to people in need.  

In retail stores - Most retailers carefully plan food purchases and inventory to avoid loss.  But when they do have excess food, they usually donate it to local charities.  This help support food pantries serving low-income workers, senior citizens and others in need.

At home - Consumer food waste at home can be addressed by planning meals and shopping carefully, eating leftovers and composting.  My stuffed peppers were made with leftover rice from take out, a small amount of ground beef, peppers and homemade sauce.  When planning meals, consider how leftovers can be re-purposed and save money while helping the planet!